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Save energy & cut costs with ReduxAir

manufacturing process of PET bottles and containers requires the use of compressed air, produced by a high pressure compressor powered by electricity.

Thanks to the innovative "ReduxAir" system developed by SMI, since now on stretch-blow moulding operations can be carried out at lower pressures (15-20 bars) than those usually used (35-40 bars), thus benefitting from a more efficient solution that significantly cuts energy costs.

ReduxAir is a special mould bottom that, thanks to advanced technical and designing characteristics, allows to manufacture PET bottles using a lower compressed air pressure (15-20 bars) during stretch-blow moulding operations. This system allows a much faster release of the air flowing between the outer walls of the bottle and the surface of the mould

ReduxAir is applicable to the whole range of SMI's electronic stretch-blow moulders of the EBS and EBS K series, and it is suitable to produce PET containers up to 2 L.

The advantages of ReduxAir are:
- Lower power consumption by the compressor.
- Energy saving and cost cutting.
- Environment-friendly operations

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EBS K ERGON rotary stretch-blow moulder.


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