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Latest on spare parts identification and marking


Identification and marking of spare parts and mechanical components are extremely relevant at present. Classification and easy identifying of spare parts or components of equipment on automated machines is a need increasingly recognized and today this is an essential service. There are multiple possibilities: ID tags, punch pressing, milling the codes and, recently, laser marking. With laser technology, almost all types of plastic material can be marked, with very few exceptions. Additives and colours react differently and the marking feature different colour and intensity according to the type of plastic. 

Thanks to the addition of the latest generation laser marker among its own machinery, Tecnomeco can now produce personalized marking on plastic material and metal. With the digital interface marking can be numbers, letters, special characters, logos and, in general, any image that can be imported in the system. Marking can be done on flat pieces, on inclined or round surfaces (screws, hubs, or similar). The advantages are multiple: versatility, indelible wording, no indentations or grooves, high resolution of characters and images. 

Tecnomeco is a reference point in the sector, always committed to customers’ satisfaction.

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