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"TALOS 4.0" High performance automatic trays emptying system


Why employ staff to carry out repetitive and tiring operations, perhaps penalizing the performance of your packaging system?

PRO-Tech Italia has solved these problems with the new and more performing version, available on the market, of the tested “TALOS” automatic trays emptying system.

Since the first versions made over twenty years ago (and still in operation!), the new version of TALOS 4.0 combines very high performances and levels of automation such as to make the machine compliant with the current regulations imposed by the INDUSTRY 4.0 law

The use of the TALOS system allows the reduction of the tiring workload of the operators, forced to carry out thousands of bending, lifting and repetitive manipulations for the emptying of each single tray, optimizing the packaging process and reducing the cost of labor that can be used for more profitable processes.

It is not necessary to have personnel dedicated to the operation of TALOS 4.0 as it is the same production or packaging personnel who take care of inserting the trolleys loaded with pasta and picking up the empty ones, acting in a few seconds and ensuring a constant flow to the packaging machine even with high rates.

The TALOS system drastically reduces contact between man and pasta ensuring maximum hygiene in processing.
In addition, the delicate handling of the trays preserves their integrity over time and ensures their complete emptying without any residues remaining on the trays.


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The TALOS 4.0 system allows emptying and stacking of wooden, aluminum or plastic trays universally used in artisan pasta factories for drying pasta.

The operator panel installed on board provides recipes for each pasta format to be processed in such a way as to change the processing parameters simply and quickly; according to the selected program, the working speed goes from 1 to 10 looms per minute, allowing you to process from the least delicate pasta shapes to the most delicate or voluminous shapes, operating at the best possible speed, with extreme sweetness in order to preserve the integrity of the product.

The TALOS 4.0 system is perfectly suitable for the treatment of all short pasta shapes such as penne, fusilli, tortiglioni, farfalle, pastine, etc ... as well as more complex and delicate shapes such as conchiglioni, farfalloni, paccheri, nests, matasse, pici.
The emptying system adopted is made in such a way as to avoid high impacts and falls to the product in order to preserve its integrity.

The TALOS system is made with mechanical and electronic components of the highest quality.
The lifting and translation system of the frames involves the use of linear guides with recirculating balls equipped with Siemens brushless motors.
The rotation and emptying system of the single tray is also managed by Siemens brushless motorization
All brushless motors are equipped with electronic encoders, integrated safety brakes and each one managed by a Siemens control driver.

The use of brushless motors allows you to manage high and different speeds for the various phases: acceleration / deceleration, lifting / lowering, forward / backward translation and forward / backward rotation, in order to easily adapt to the different products to be treated.
The automation of the process is managed by a Siemens S7 PLC.

The reversible conveyor belt placed at the unloading of the overturning station of the trays allows the transport of the pasta to the rear or front of the machine in order to best adapt to the needs of each customer.
The product unloaded from TALOS can be sent to the packaging machines through cleaning sieves, conveyor belts and bucket elevators produced by PRO-Tech Italia.
The TALOS system stacks the empty trays in an orderly and precise manner, a necessary condition for the use of automatic trolley destackers and feeders used in production and also made by PRO-Tech Italia and awarded by our customers as the most reliable and performing on the market.

TALOS 4.0 system: another PRO-Tech Italia srl solution for a better pasta.

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