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The summer issue of “Industrie Alimentari” is now available

The Covid-19 emergency offers the opportunity to rethink the entire agri-food system in a more sustainable logic, thanks also to the innovation of the agrifood startups that offer new business models and new sustainable and circular solutions. This is what emerged from the conference organized by the Food Sustainability Observatory in Milan that you can find on the July issue of "Industrie Alimentari".

Companies are looking for adapting their work to the new situation and the AR has surprising applications. The results of the Industry 4.0 Observatory research also highlight how the emergency encourage to digital solutions. For this reason, our electronics and automation feature is dedicated to smart technologies, 4.0 project organization, and management software.

We publish a technical-scientific study of the starters cultures for manufacturing of new fermented preserves with sea fennel and a survey about the environmental sustainability language for the packaging sector.

We review machines and equipment, packaging, analysis systems, products, new marketing trends and the latest applied research, new laws, news from the world, the upcoming events in the calendar and new books.

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