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In the food and beverage industry it is essential to preserve the quality and freshness of the products from the time they leave the plant until the moment they reach the consumers' table; in order to do it, it is necessary to have resistant packs capable of adequately protecting the content during transportation and distribution phases.

Discover the solution for packing tubes of snacks 


 For instance, in the snack industry, the tube primary packaging has been designed in order to protect the product and minimize the breakage of individual pieces.
For the product distribution to points of sale, however, a secondary packaging solution, capable ofpreserving the integrity of primary packaging is also needed and the packaging in corrugated cardboard boxes realized by CWP ERGON wrap-around cardboard packers supplied by SMI is the best solution for achieving this objective.

SMI 20 10 cwp ergon

CWP ERGON range: main advantages

 Compact and eco-friendly
The reduced size of the packer easily adapts to the logistical conditions of any end of the line layout.
The latest IoT technology with which the machine is equipped allows to haveadvanced automation, flexibility of use, energy saving and respect for the environment.

Versatile and efficient 
The CWP ERGON case packer packs a wide range of rigid containers in wrap-around boxes and in corrugated cardboard tray at the maximum speed of 40 packs/minute.
The machine is equipped with a motorized oscillating guiding system that simplifies the correct channeling of loose containers on the infeed conveyor, equipped with chains made of thermoplastic material with a low friction coefficient. 

Flexible and easy to use
Thanks to a touchscreen operator panel equipped with a user-friendly graphic interface, CWP ERGON packer is much more flexible and easier to use compared to the standards on the market.
It allows the operator to perform advanced diagnostic tests and real time technical support. 

SMI 20 10 patatine

If you want to discover further advantages of CWP ERGON case packers, we invite you to contact our sales department or to visit our website.


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