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Natural and biological production that respects the environment

Nutrition is one of the main ways we can demonstrate love for ourselves and for others

Starting from the concept that “we are what we eat”, the company Cereal Terra, a pride of made in Italy, since 1990 has been producing quality preserves using 100% organic raw materials and has been investing in new technology, that is combined with experience and secrets handed down over the years, in order to offer genuine products, with a unique flavour.

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Quality enclosed in a jar

Cereal Terra's history can be told through its products, because each jar contains unique aromas and flavours of fresh products, that, after rigorous checks are transformed and sold to the final customer. The company has a very wide production, that includes several types of jars and glass bottles of appetitizers, sauces, pesto, ready-made dishes, etc. packed in practical shrink film packs with tray or pad by an SMI shrink wrapper from the LSK ERGON range.


Strong link with the territory

A correct and healthy diet is the first step for life improvement. When we taste a preserve, it has to tell us about its moment of life, reminding consumers of the taste of ancient flavours. For this reason, Cereal Terra uses only fresh organic products collected from the fields and makes use of cutting-edge machinery, alongside a tradition of artisan excellence.

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LSK 40T shrink wrapper is the best solution for packing in tray+film or pad+film the wide range of jars produced by Cereal Terra.

Main features:
automatic packer suitable for packing different types of containers
mechanical product grouping system; format changeover is manual
small size, capable of meeting the requirements of those who do not have large spaces in their production plants
great quality-price ratio: despite the use of cutting-edge technological solutions and highly reliable components, the new LSK ERGON range has very competitive prices
the film cutting unit has a compact design and the blade of the knife is managed by a direct-drive brushless motor, which makes the cutting operation more precise and the maintenance easier
carton and pad magazine has been elongated to guarantee a greater operating autonomy andsimplify management operations

 For further information contact our sales department or visit our website.

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